Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm currently up to my ears in cosmetology school work, a sick child and a husband away on business for 8 days. Like they say, timing is everyting.

Since I revisited the NYX Jumbo Pencils I took another trip to Ulta and picked up a few of the jumbo lip pencils and I wasn't expecting much - I was expecting an oversized lip liner. Whoa - was I pleasantly surprised. I initally bought just one to try them out - I ended up buying a duplicate and two other colors and I can't wait to go back for more. They're like a really moisturizing lipstick that lasts and fades pretty well.

Swatches and photos to follow. Hopefully once the mayhem calms down I'll be able to line up a bunch of posts so I don't get a big gap between posts. I also need to get a new camera - my cell phone camera is stuck on macro (which I might be able to work with) and my Kodak's little mode selection wheel is stuck too.

On a positive note, me and some good (some new, some old) friends had a good old fashioned girls' makeover night on Saturday and I'm hoping that our host got some good photos - I sprung my airbrush machine on some willing victims and also gave one girl a radical haircut/makeover. Stay tuned and hopefully there will be photo evidence.