Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wet n Wild eyeshadows - final review

On the whole, these have been a joy to find. Highly pigmented, smooth, easy to blend. There are some very unique shades and a lot of useable colors - if you like shimmery colors, that is!

It does seem like every palette has a dud, and usually it's a matte black with some sort of sparkle. The matte shades are not blendable and a little chalky, sometimes gritty too.

I have only got one trio and might go back to see if there are any more shades not found in the 8 pan palettes.

One little side note - the first time I tried to buy one of these, there was only one of each palette left on the shelf and they were a MESS! They had crumbled and shed until you couldn't see what was inside, they had totally disintigrated. I had to wait until they got a shiny new shipment in to get whole shadows. I have a feeling that they won't travel well due to being so soft (see my green trio after one use) so they will be depotted. This is mainly good though, I can take all of my favorite shades, keep them in one place and discard the ones I won't ever touch again.

I will totally be repurchasing all 3 of the 8 shade palettes for my kit and making a second custom Wet n Wild palette of my own. You can't get much better for the price!! ($4.99 for 0.3oz and $2.99 for the 0.12oz trios).

Which is your favorite Wet n Wild eyeshadow? Have you tried them all? I'd love to hear your opinions

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