Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wet n Wild - Petal Pusher

I've owned several different drug store brand purple eyeshadow palettes before (Covergirl, Revlon, the usual culprits). What I like about these 8 pan palettes is that they are more like 2 4-pan palettes but in different tones. The shades on the left I've seen 100 times before, but the 4 on the right were a little different and stood out enough for me to get it.

As I said before, all of the 8 pan palettes ($4.99 for 0.30 oz.) have a little suggestion on the back of how to use them, and each shadow is stamped with the suggested placement and 4 different looks.

Here are the shadows, again, swatched over a little ELF essential eyelid primer:

1 - at first this looks like a white frost but blended out it has a very light purple shimmer running through it
2 - very standard light lavender satin finish
3 - mid-toned purple with an almost pearlescent finish
4 - a purple frost with silver and light purple glitter
5 - this frost looks pink in the pan but applies as a very metallic almost white pink
6 - a very unique plum shade with bronze shimmer, the photo definitely doesn't do this one justice. It would look stunning on darker skin tones.
7 - a matte black with bronze shimmer
8 - another matte black shot through with blue, green and silver sparkles

First impressions: I like the highlight colors but of the two, 5 is much nicer, just because of the impact of how metallic it is, especially in daylight. I'll probably use 3 as well.

The two matte black shadows I could live without... neither of them apply particularly well and they seem like bad repeats of the matte black with silver sparkle from the Blue Had Me At Hello palette, only harder to blend.

The real standout in this palette is number 6. I can't explain how pretty it is. It shows up as a real bronze with a purple background. My only complaint is the amount of sparkle but it's a gorgeous shadow nonetheless.

I have a feeling that I'll be depotting all of the shadows from the palettes I have and just keeping my favorites

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