Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wet n Wild eyeshadows - a pleasant surprise!

As a confessed YouTube beauty addict, I subscribe to LOTS of beauty channels from well known "gurus" to girls (and boys) with a few subscribers who like to talk about their makeup finds. From high end products to budget drug store items.

If you're anything like me, Wet n Wild has always just been a brand that were good for a 99c eyeliner when you were a teenager who wanted to experiment. Recently though, they've totally revamped their brand and there are a few pleasant suprises in there! After watching a video about their eyeshadow palettes, I bought one and loved it so much I went back and raided Walgreens for everyone they had in stock that day.

The first one I picked up was Blue Had Me At Hello, the other ones I bought were Petal Pusher (purples), Comfort Zone (browns, taupes and greens) and I Dream of Greenie (a trio). I really want to do a seperate post on each one individually - I think they deserve it and I don't want this to be a mammoth post! Keep your eyes peeled for more on these lovely eyeshadows.

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